My Battle With Depression

I am often told by people I have nothing to worry or be sad about. Which is true, I even admit this! I am healthy (relatively I do have podge), I have a lovely boyfriend, a job, a career and a gorgeous new flat. As you can see, very little to be low about!

However, I am often sad for no apparent reason, I worry about nearly everything. Even small things that I am sure most people would not even think twice about. For instance, paying at till with a sales assistant for an item I would like to purchase, or having to find something else to buy as I don’t feel comfortable only buying one item!

So, for some random reason, today I decided to start a blog to write about my good days, bad days, past experiences and any other thought that may pop into my odd head. I will try hard to make it as light-hearted as possible – depression isn’t exactly the lightest of topics.

I thought I would start with a brief overview of myself. I am 29, live with my boyfriend in Cambridge UK and as of writing this I am technically a Tax/Accounts Assistant. Though I have now not been into work since about the beginning of December and in my current state I don’t think I am in any frame of mind to be trusted with people’s tax returns! My work have been so very supportive, however I am contemplating leaving soon as the guilt I suffer every day I am not in lingers over me like a dark cloud. Saying this, I am not intending to just sit around at home every day. I have every intention of getting another job – but maybe something with far less responsibility and possibly working from home where my anxieties won’t get the better of me.

My plan is to write a small blog every day about a topic I care about, a musing or just a review of my day. I am hoping this will be cathartic to both myself and any other depression sufferers. You are not alone, and although the people closest to you may not understand, there are people who feel the same as you.

If anyone would like to chat please don’t hesitate to comment below.