Trying hard to cope with Depression

The past week hasn’t been the best – I have not cut myself or walked off into the street as with my previous rough weeks, but I have not managed to attend the gym or keep to my diet. I will post an update on the gym and diet next week but as this week has been so unproductive I didn’t see the point in just writing ‘I did not go’ :)!

It has been a tough week due to a change in my medication and the fact that although I am on the NHS mental health list, my next appointment is not for a few weeks. I do think I need this sooner but as its the NHS their are waiting lists – I cannot afford a private psychiatrist. They do such a good job when I have been, I just feel it’s such a shame that there is such a long waiting list/time before you get to see someone.

It has been suggested that I do a mood diary. So I brought myself a lovely notepad, pens and stickers to start. I think it is hard for people to properly understand how even the smallest thing is a great achievement for someone with depression. So some of these positive things may seem rather silly but they can be hard for people like me!

My purchases
My first day!

I will try my very best to do this everyday and see if it helps at all!


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