Avon Gel Shine Nail Varnish

To be honest with you I am not one who usually wears nail varnish. I always usually find that no matter which brand I use it lasts about a day and then starts chipping and looking awful.

However, I tried Avon’s Gel Shine Nail Varnish to attend my Grandma’s 80th birthday and was surprisingly impressed with it. I painted my fingernails on the Friday, and thinking I may need to top them up the next day I took the varnish with me. I did not need to top it up!

I am also by no means the neatest of people when it comes to putting on nail varnish as you can probably tell from the picture! But the varnish was easy to ‘edit’ if needed, and I got some lovely comments at my Grandma’s party.

Recently I have found that putting on nail varnish and make up does make me feel better, it gives me more confidence and almost in a way feels like I am putting a mask on and I can be someone else for a while!

The colour I chose was a lovely light blue called ‘Perriwinkle’, I am also going to try ‘So Jelly’ which is a purple shade, but Avon have plenty more shades.


I did also use the base coat and top coat to help protect my nails and further elongate their wear. At the time of writing this they are only £3.50 in price, a bargain!

25% of my profits are going to Mind and Samaritans.



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